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Posts: 11

In an automation process, we are printing many invoices from Sage 300 to print boss. We generate pdf. Pdf files are named with their invoice number. The thing is we are not necessarily printing batches, we can print many invoices from many batches which means all prints are different jobs.We made a simple test where there were 3 invoices to print. At the end of the process we only had 1 pdf instead of 3. We went in the PrintBoss 50 printer queue manager and set the printer on pause. Then we reprinted the 3 invoices. We can see that the 3 invoices get to the printing queue (see attached file). Once we were sure all our invoices were correctly sent to the printer we un-paused the printer, all lines disappeared from the queue, but again, only 1 pdf was printed by print boss. We finally made a last test, which was forcing a waiting time (sleep 20 seconds) between each invoices printed. This worked, at the end of the process we had 3 pdf. So clearly something is going wrong with the print boss printer when multiple jobs are sent in a short period of time.

Is this a known issue? Is there a settings in the driver that can fix this issue?

Thank you
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