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Posts: 741
The following summarizes recent changes to PrintBoss:

Help\About Menu
The Help\About "Online" menu was changed to "Online Services" and a link to the Wellspring Software Forums was added to the menu. This new link will take you directly to the Wellspring Software Technical Forums page where you can search the Forum by keyword or topic.

Wellspring Faxing
With this release, if there is a communication error trying to communicate with the http server when processing a fax it now shows the url it was trying to fetch when the error occured.

Inserting the new variable {AttachmentCount} in the email body will insert the number of attachments into that location in the email body document before sending it. It can also be used in the Subject line of an e-mail.

PosPay and ACH processing
A new variable, {PosPaySeqNo} can be used instead of DocNo for sequential record counting.
A new variable, {ACHEfctvDate} was added so that the user will be prompted to enter the Effective Date.
A new variable, {SubCopyNo} was added so that the user will be prompted to enter the number of sub copies.
The {PosPayLineCount} variable was previously not incrementting when processing split records. It has been fixed.
The PosPay List/Stuff function now uses Alt-A to open and close the editor in the form. And CTRL-A can be used to select all the text in the editor of a pospay record.

Bank Profile records
The format for the Check# on the MICR part of the Bank Creation Wizard so it no longer allows any text to be entered, you must enter a numeric value.

An internal change in how PrintBoss scans documents now results in correctly archives documents with suffixes.
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