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Posts: 741
The following have been added to PrintBoss with the latest release:

Payee List
1. A filter was added to the Payee List browser window to facilitate searches for particular payees.
For example, the filter 'Sun' retrives a shorten list of SunRise and SunSet.
2. Searching for Payee is now case insensitive and if that search fails, PrintBoss will search the variable passed as the PayeeID.

New E-mail Wizard

In an evaluation copy of PrintBoss, minimal settings can be entered in the new E-mail Wizard to test the ability to connect through an SMTP server and to send e-mails.

Updated Help Files
The Help files have been updated. Running the PrintBoss setup file does not automatically load the Help files. However, with this latest version of PrintBoss, when the user selects Help and if the file is not there then it will prompt them to download the file from the website.
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