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Posts: 741
PLEASE NOTE: As of Jan. 2016, PrintBoss is to be hosted on the Right Networks servers and will no longer require the use of a UniPrint client.


Right Networks will install the UniPrint Client 5.0 and create a test .PDF file for you. The Settings should be as follows:

General Tab
Print Handling – ‘Let me choose a printer every time I print.’
Preview Handling:
Enable Document Preview – Check
Preview with another application – Check
Click on the Browse button and navigate to your Adobe Reader application on your C: drive. It is normally installed under Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader XX\Reader\AcroRd32.exe where the xx is the version number.
Startup – Do not check

Notifications Tab

The only item that should be checked is the 'Pop to the front' option under 'UniPrint Viewer Behavior.
Click OK to save these settings.


1.Select File/Printer Setup in QB, then select Check/Paychecks

2.Select UniPrint as the default printer and click the Options button

3.The first tab is Configuration
a.The Resizing Options should be set to None

4.Select the Advanced Tab. The following settings ensure the data sent to Adobe is text rather than an image
a.Postscript emulation should be selected
b.No font embedding should be selected under the Font Options

5.Click OK to save these changes

•UniPrint 4.08 works best with older XP machines
•UniPrint 5.0 is the newest version of UniPrint as of the date of this Technical Note.
•Adobe 9.4.2 has been tested with Win7 and UniPrint 5.0 successfully.
•Adobe 10.1.3 has been tested with Win 7 and UniPrint 5.0 successfully.
•Set Adobe Reader to use ‘Actual Size’ before printing to PrintBoss.
•The PrintBoss Driver must to be set 600 dpi to successfully work with UnitPrint.
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