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Posts: 741
Configurations Dialog\Internal tab
There is a checkbox option on the Configurations Dialog window to ‘Minimize PrintBoss on startup.

Permissions Analyzer
· Changed the Permissions analyzer to displays in HTML
· Added PB32.EXE check
· Folder and registry links are clickable
To access the Permissions Analyzer, from the Master Application screen press Ctrl\Shift\P.

View Bank List Option
Added a security option to limit user’s view and selection of banks from the Bank List while processing checks. To use this option, the ‘User Security in Banks’ option must first be Enabled and the Basic User Rights modified.

Editing Forms
In the List/Stuff Assignment dialog you can now start typing the function you are looking for and it will loop through the list and select it for you if found. Hit ENTER to repeat the search using the same text.

Sage 300 Construction & Trade Specialty (f.k.a Sage Timberline)
Updates to TL_AP5 and TL_PR5 are included. They have been designed to work with Timberline 2012 & higher. They include options for the convenience amount area and ACH setup. The minimum PrintBoss version for these forms is 5.7.2. They are the new default forms for the ReqList entries.

Positive Pay\ACH Features
POSPAY file location is limited to 80 characters only when it is an embedded file. Otherwise there is no limit.

The POSPAY files that are saved to a file (i.e. not embedded files) are now saved in XML format. If you need to save a POSPAY file in the old format use the EXPORT function and specify .ppp as the file extension and it will save the file in the old format.

There is a change in ACH script for processing records with split accounts. The change does not affect those without split accounts. Please import the new ACH sample if you anticipate using split accounts which require unique trace numbers.
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