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Posts: 741
The following are some of the new features in 5.73.1:

When a PrintBoss form is selected for Express or Select, the archiving method is automatically set to ‘Overwrite at Start of Batch’ as the Archiving feature is not available in PrintBoss Express or Select.

Bank List
Security options have been expanded to block all bank list drop-down menus when ‘Allow Bank List’ is not allowed for the selected user. This includes:
· Hand Checks (only the current bank is visible)
· Deposit Slips
· Configurations/Settings Tab/Request List determines Form/Bank
· Text Input File Specs
· Work/Archives Reports
· Form Select (at the bottom of the window)
· Form/Bank Request List
· Wizard

The Edit button on the ACH Definitions tab of the bank record is disabled when a user does not have security to the Payee List.

Hand Checks
The size of the Next Check Number field in Hand Checks has been expanded to 10 so that it matches the bank record.

Security passwords are now case sensitive.

Payee Lists
A second e-mail address field is added to the Payee List records for use with PS16 files. The new field name is {plEmail2}.

The ID on the Payee List was expanded to 25 characters for PS16 files. It is still limited to 15 characters for ACH files.

A new feature was added under Options/Configuration/Internal called 'Search Payee List using this method:' A drop down menu allows the following choices:
-Match on Payee
-Match on Payee ID
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