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Posts: 741
From the Online Server Login:
Note: Admin rights are required to make these changes.
1) On the remote server desktop, click on "Start/ Printers", then double click on "PrintBoss 50"
2) Click on the "Printer" menu, and choose "Properties"
3) Click on the "PrintBoss" tab. A screen similar to below will appear.

4) Set the Driver Spool Directory to {ComAppData\...\Spool}
5) Select Configuration File under Source of Transfer File Settings and setup up a path. The folder may need to be created manually at the specified location. PrintBoss will create the PBTranFileSettings.ini
6) Select the "Configuration File" radio button under Examine Transfer File Settings for selected source.
7) Click the "Source is Active" check box.
8) Enter the location for the local work station PrintBoss transfer file. Typically this will be a folder on the V: drive that is mapped to your local C drive. Ex: V:\Transfer\FromAccpac when using Accpac Online.
9) Click OK, and close out.

NOTE: Do not be concerned when you return to this screen and see a different path. The original path will display once you click the Configuration File radio button.

NOTE: Citrix environments running Server 2003 require user “read” permissions to C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers directory even though the spool directory has been reassigned.

From the Local Work Station:
1) Open PrintBoss on the local work station.
2) Click on the Options menu and choose PrintBoss Driver Settings.
3) Enter the Transfer Folder/File path previously entered in the PrintBoss 50 Properties window. The file name can be typed directly in the appropriate field. Ex: Transfer Folder: C:\Transfer File: FromAccpac
4) Click OK when finished.
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