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Posts: 741
The latest release of PrintBoss includes the following changes.

Setup Program:
1. A new dialog has been added that warns the user not to install PrintBoss to the \Program Files\ directory for a network installation on a Windows 2008 Server
2. Another new dialog has been added that warns the user not to install PrintBoss to a path that has more than 80 characters

1. A copy set to “Never” print will be ignored when archiving completed records from the Work file. If all other copies are satisfied, then the completed record will be archived.
2. The About window will now show all accounting systems that have been installed.

PrintBoss Enterprise:
Additional features for PrintBoss Enterprise include:
· An unlimited number of bank account profiles can be created at no additional cost
· Top, middle, bottom and wallet style checks are available at no additional cost

PrintBoss Select
PrintBoss Select is a new product which is available exclusively for QuickBooks users. It will not install for any other accounting solutions. The following is a short list of features.
· Top, middle, or bottom checks styles are available
· PrintBoss will automatically choose the correct bank account
· Both Positive Pay & ACH Payment Files are available
· An unlimited number of bank profiles can be created

Additional information is available by calling Wellspring Software or you may view the PrintBoss Select Manual from our webpage: www.wellspringsoftware.com.

Wellspring Software Web Page
We have fixed browser incompatibilities for Chrome and Safari.
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