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email submissions
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I have some questions regarding PrintBoss Enterprise and Sage 300 ERP in regards to email using Outlook.
  • Sage 300 ERP 2014
  • MS SQL Server 2012 as the database engine
  • PB32.exe Version 6.00.6
  • Outlook 2014 using Office 365
In the PB E-mail Settings there are three choices for the Outlook “Outbox” Properties. These are:
  • Use default profile
  • Request profile
  • Specific profile

It is my understanding that –
The “default profile” option will read and then use whatever the Outlook default profile has been set to, if it has been set.
The “specific profile” will use whatever profile is specified in the field for all emails sent via PB
The “request profile” does request a profile to be chosen at the time that PB creates the email.

The issue we are having is that the Request profile option is requesting a profile be chosen for every email document in the “batch” being processed. An example of this is AR Customer Statements. If there are 40 statements created and they are all being emailed then PB requests the Outlook profile be chosen 40 times, once for every email.

Unfortunately we cannot use Specified as the client has the same employees performing different tasks that require emails to be sent using different “generic” email accounts. An example is one employee emails the payroll EFT advices, using an Outlook profile called “Payroll”, then creates AR Customer Statements, using an Outlook profile called “AR”, and so on. The same employee is using several different Outlook profiles and the corresponding Outbox for each profile.

It is also my understanding that the profile cannot be set-up in the form editor as we are using the Outlook Outbox. So the E-mail Settings override whatever is configured in the form editor.

Am I missing something or is there a way to have the “request profile” option only request the Outlook profile is chosen once and that this choice is used for all emails in the “batch” being processed. Or is there another way of having this work which I am not aware of. I cannot believe I am the first and/or only person who has run into this issue. So I am thinking there is a workaround of some sort but cannot find it.
Please let me know.
Thank you,
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