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2 Hosted Environments and PrintBoss
Unsure if I can ask a question here or if I need to post it elsewhere. But I have an issue similar to this that we cannot seem to get resolved. I bought PB back in Jan and I called in and we got it setup and it seemed to be working fine. I was able to have it consistently print to my MP tray and it worked well. However, the changing of the printers from my USERNAME in the QB hosted service continued to alter the other users in the office (there printers continued to be moved from their default to mine). So I called the hosting service and they fixed this for me and ever since then everything has worked except on thing. I am never able to print back to the MP tray. Even if I change it in the Printer Setup prior to printing it still prints to the wrong tray. I was wondering if there was a way to force a PB printjob to always print the MP tray and any other print job from the hosted environment could just print normally to my Tray 1. Thanks for any help you can provide. And I did call Trapponline and they said it should be working fine as they followed the setup instructions in this and other articles. So if anyone has any thoughts I would appreciate it.

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