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Posts: 6

We are trying to automate the selection of the Email Body to use based on several criteria. Basically, we will be using four different email body messages based on the customer's aging on his monthly statement.

Current {AMT1}
30 Days {AMT2}
60 Days {AMT3}
90 Days+ {AMT4}

I am trying to use a basic formula but I can't seem to have it working. Below is the PB statement that I am using. (Footer Object)

#If [÷{AMT4}>0÷]
#Assign EmailBodyFile, ÷C:\PrntBoss\Email\Body\verylate.txt÷
#Assign EmailBodyFile, ÷C:\PrntBoss\Email\Body\current.txt÷

Essentially, I want the statement above to use the EmailBody "Verylate" when the PB Variable {AMT4} is greater than 0 else use EmailBody "Current". In my test environment, I am printing to customer statements which both of them as an amount greater than 0 in the 90 days field but it is using the "Current" EmailBody.

Once I have the basics covered, then I think I should be good to create more complex formulas.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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