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Why is the Budget Check price so low?

Since 1990, we have sold only the highest quality check stock with robust security features. At this time we have become aware of a need, for some of our customers, to be especially conscious of price. Some check stock available on the internet and elsewhere is priced below our regular check stock prices because they have much less security than our standard checks. In order to provide a similar product at a competitive price, we have introduced our budget check stock. Please note that in virtually all cases, our checks still have more security. We have achieved this distinction by offering only our basic security features. Our new budget check stock still maintains some of our security features, but competes favorably with the lowest priced check stock that is available.

We always recommend our more secure checks, but this new budget check is available to customers who need to be price conscious.

Following is a list of the security features included in our standard checks and in our new budget check:

Standard Check Budget Check Security feature description
Printed on 24 pound paper
Micro printed borders
Dual colored check (more difficult to duplicate)
* Printed on toner grip paper
  A true watermark
  UV light activated inks
* Chemically reactive paper that guards against every known chemical used to remove or alter the ink on the check

* These two critically important features for the standard Blue/Red check stock are absent in the budget check stock.

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