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Posts: 765
Added Features
PrintBoss Enterprise can be configured to e-mail documents it processes as PDF attachments. Enhancements in PrintBoss version dated 04/18/2015 include options for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS). Transport Layer Security and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer, are cryptographic protocols designed to provide communications security over a computer network. The option to use SSL or TLS is set on the PrintBoss E-mail settings tab. Please see: E-mail Encryptions (ssl/tls)

PrintBoss Enterprise allows you to combine e-mails into one e-mail with one attachment containing multiple pages. While this feature has been included in the E-mail Settings, this variable allows conditions to be placed on the process. The choices are:

0 – Never combine emails or attachments
1 – Combine attachments into one email when the email address is the same as the prior page
2 – Combine attachments into one email when the email address and DocNo are the same as the prior page

An example of the syntax for this assignment follows:

#Assign EmailCombinePages, "1"

A condition can be used at the beginning of the assignment to determine when to combine pages.

#[Inu, ‘1’, {DelMethod}]Assign EmailCombinePages, "1"

A new option 'Remote Signature Read Delay (Seconds' was created so the people using a terminal server could add a delay on the image reading the signature code. Enter an amount in seconds to delay PrintBoss from reading the signature code until the device is loaded by the OS. The option is on the Configuration\ Internal tab

A new variable, SetDestPrinter, is added to the form to determine which printer should be used during the batch process. Use a condition with this variable and assign it on either the Footer Objects or RunTime Objects tab to the exact printer name. Set Pre-process Assignments on the Special Controls tab to Special. Printer must be set to "Manual" for this to be recognized.

Added a RestartPrintSpooler.bat file that installs in the root of the PrintBoss folder. Running this will restart the print spooler without having to go through Services.

Changes to existing Functions

SMTP Password field in E-mail Settings was increased to allow 30 characters, up from 20.

Added a "cancel" button to stop the import of Payee list records when there are lots of duplicates. All records before the cancel button will still appear if they were accepted.

Added a warning such that if the current user does not have access to select banks from a list the warning pops up and then a login dialog will display allowing the user to log in so that the batch can continue. Note: if PrintBoss Security has been setup, another user that does have access to the select banks (for example a Supervisor) could log in so processing would continue.
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