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email submissions
Posts: 173
Here are my instructions about how to fix the issue based on our conversation and the info you sent me please take what you like from it to send others with this issue
Thanks for the help

PRINTBOSS/EFT/ACCPAC - Drive Letter for USB Signature Dongle Issue


There are basically 3 components that tie in to each other here

1. Sage ACCPAC (the Accounting Software) which runs off the server databases etc so it gets a live feed of the daily finance requirements RE: cheques to be cut

2. EFT Electronic File Transer software takes the authorized ACCPAC info and transmits an electronic request to the bank to release the funds for cutting the cheques (not the bank-supplied generic EFT software version which we can't use if we wanted to)

3. PRINT BOSS which has a custom USB flash drive containing the digital authorization signature that absolutely MUST go on the physical cheques printed off or they will be void

There is a high security USB Flash drive that must be inserted in the EFT PC to allow the authorization and signing of cheque runs.

As part of the security on the Printboss digital signature the software manufacturer, Wellspring Software, coded the signature and the media together to tell PrintBoss where to find the signature; and tie the signature to a bank

There have been ongoing issues with error messages about not finding the signature file on drive letter A: when different users logon to the same machine and attempt the cheques print run

This is due to a line a script in the PrintBoss check form that defaults to A: Drive instead of the normal EFGHI drives it should be looking for (in Windows XP the A: & B: Drives are always reserved for the Floppy drive)

It can easily be changed to another driver letter or multiple drive letters depending on the situation.

This would allow one user to insert the USB in their E: drive and another to insert it into their G: drive and have PrintBoss still recognize and print the signature. It only needs to be done once (per PrintBoss form) and will be effective for all users.

Open PrintBoss and go to Edit / Form files. Edit the user’s PrintBoss check form. This can be confirmed by checking the listed name in the CURRENT BANK field with the user to make sure that is the default bank they are dealing with.

Click on VIEW button to generate preview of the cheques along with the assigned drive. Then Double click on the signature shown there to bring up the PIC COMMAND PROPERTIES window for that signature. NOTE! if there is already an assigned drive letter then you have to uncheck the assigned letter selection to make the SIGDISK DRIVE LETTER field show.

If signature is missing from the View window then you have to manually go to the Footer Objects tab and find the following script lines:

#[FileExists,"{BSigFile}"][AmntRange, {BSigLo}, {BSigHi}]Pic {BSigX}, {BSigY}, "{BSigFile}", "/Width:{BSIGWD} /Height:{BSIGHT} "


#[FileExists,"{BSig2File}"][AmntRange, {BSig2Lo}, {BSig2Hi}]Pic {BSig2X}, {BSig2Y}, "{BSig2File}", "/Width:{BSIG2WD} /Height:{BSIG2HT}

Double click on each of the lines of script to open the ‘Pic Command Properties’ box. Note, about 2/3 down the page: ‘Sig Disk Drive Letters.’ Change the box to read AEFGH (all caps, no spaces).

Now the USB can be in the A:, E:, F:, G:, or H: drive of the local workstation no matter who is logged on.

The USB’s can be duplicated with the PrintBoss Utility if you need more to distribute.

PRINTBOSS technical support for assistance or to ask additional questions
Technical Support
Wellspring Software, Inc.
636-527-6100 phone
636-527-0012 fax
Hours: 8:30 - 5:00 CT M-F
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