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Posts: 765

1. New variables that can be assigned in a Form to populate the E-mail table. The variables are as follows:
•SMTPAuth – values 0, 1, or 2
•SMTPSSL – values 0 thru 6

The last 2 correspond with the drop down menus on the SMTP/Mail Hosts tab.

2. Office 365 and Gmail presets have been fixed. Previously when using the Gmail Prefill the Authentication Method did not update properly. The Authentication Method stayed at Simple and as a result, the User ID field was Inactive and no ID could be entered. This has been fixed. The Prefill is available as a choice when selecting the Gmail or Office 365 Setup Notes.

3. A Message-ID header has been added to outgoing emails. We found that some mail servers don't add headers as e-mail is processed. PrintBoss will create one on the fly.

Fax Service Log Fixed

Previously the Fax Service Log displayed the Failed-uID message when faxing with the ‘Standard Service’ communication method causing the Fax Service Log to not update properly.

ACH Live check processing

When there was no valid Payeelist record and the variable {achchkamnt} was being set to 0 during batch processing, there were issues printing Live Checks using ACH. This has been fixed.

Export the signature log and fax service log

For both the Signature Disk Usage Log and the Fax Service Log you can now export the records by right clicking on the grid button and choosing the Export option.

FTP Upload to Folder Option

A new variable, FTPUploadToFolder, has been added to assign in the form to change/assign an upload folder when the form is being processed. Be sure to use the forward slash and not the backslash: #Assign FTPUploadToFolder,'/subdir/anotherdir/finaldir'

Status symbols

The standard Print Status Codes displayed on the Work File Browse list are:
D, d for PDF copies
E, e for Email copies
F, f for Fax copies
P, p for Positive Pay copies
S, s for Skipped (Intentionally) copies
X, x for FAX Service copies

For copies that are set to NEVER print the print status will now note it with a dash (-) instead of a dot (.) to differenciate the copy from other copies when the print string is first created.

Searchable text in PDF

When the PDF copy in PrintBoss is set to ‘Searchable Text’, the Preview image in the work file could not be created. This has been fixed.

ACH CTX files

CTX (Corporate Trade Exchange) is a corporate ACH format which allows for up to 9,999 addenda records with approximately 800,000 characters. The CTX application supports the transfer of funds (debit or credit) within a trading partner relationship in which a full ANSI ASC X12 message or payment related UN/EDIFACT information is sent with the funds transfer.

In order to create the ACH CTX file we had to go back and insert the addendum count into the beginning of each detail record. Functionality was added to save the counts to the PosPayCounters.ini for use later in the process of creating the CTX record.

New ACH Commands

There are new commands added to the Positive Pay / ACH feature. These have been added to the Assigns Dialog (Alt-A) in the edit dialogs. The new Positive Pay assignments are as follows:
•Edit a Form
•Select one of the Objects tabs
•Right click and select ‘List / Stuff Assignments’.
•Expand Positive Pay / ACH Fields
•Expand Positive Pay / ACH Special Process Commands
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