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Processing Automated Clearing House Payments

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Posts: 765
Automatic Clearing House (ACH) is a nationwide electronic funds transfer (EFT) system that provides for the inter-bank clearing of credit and debit transactions and for the exchange of information among participating financial institutions in the United States.

The ACH file created by PrintBoss is compiled from data stored in the ACH Definition section of the Bank Account record, a Payee List, and the check/EFT batch being processed. Information entered into PrintBoss is used in the ACH File Header Record, the ACH Company/Batch Record and the PrintBoss Payee List. The rest of the required information will come from the check/EFT batch as it is processed.

Please note that while PrintBoss can handle CTX records, the setup of CTX records is considered additional custom work which can be quoted separately.

There are two methods for building a PrintBoss Payee List. One is to import the data from a .csv file. The other is to assign specific information directly from the accounting software and supplement it with a short Payee List entry. The scope of ACH Consulting Services include only the import of data from a .csv file.

The fee for assisting with the set up ACH processing in PrintBoss is $250. The client must have a valid PrintBoss Annual Service Contract.
There will be two scheduled appointments. Together, the appointments should not exceed 2 hours including testing. The order is pre-paid and the first appointment time is scheduled after payment is received.

The first appointment will cover:
1. Overview of the contents of each field on the ACH Definitions tab.
2. Creating a Payee List template
3. Set the date and time for the second appointment

The second appointment will occur after the required information from the bank has been compiled, the Payee List has been built and a test batch is ready to print. It will cover:
1. Making required file changes
2. Making required form captures
3. Setting up process page commands
4. Testing a batch

For more information please see: ACH Consulting Services.
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