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Posts: 765
Can PrintBoss print signatures on checks?
Yes. PrintBoss may use a BMP, PCX, JPG, or our custom SIG file types to print signatures on checks.

Can PrintBoss use multiple signatures on a check?
Yes. While there is no limit to the number of signatures used on a check, the PrintBoss program is setup to easily add 2 signatures to a check.

Can PrintBoss use different signatures for different accounts?
Yes. When editing each bank record within the PrintBoss program, there is an option to designate up to two signatures associated with the bank record. Each account may reference the same or different signature files.

Can dollar ranges be associated with signatures?
Yes. When assigning a signature file to a bank record within the PrintBoss bank records, there is an option to also designate the dollar range of when the signature should print. The ranges may be different for the different signatures and they may be different for the same signature in different accounts.

What are PrintBoss Signature key disks?
Signature key disks are “keys” to unlock our custom made SIG files. These files are “locked” files that cannot be used unless a “key” is in the computer at the time the checks are printed. Without the “key” disk, the checks will print without the signatures.

What are the benefits of using a signature key disk?
Signature key disks can add a level of security to check printing. The SIG files are a locked file type that cannot be simply dropped into another program and they cannot be used without the “key”. This prevents misuse of a signature in electronic format.

Must I use a PrintBoss Signature key disk to print signatures with PrintBoss?
No. If you choose to use an unlocked BMP, PCX, or JPG file of your own, no key disk is necessary. PrintBoss will simply add the file at the time of printing checks. The Signature key disks are only required when using our custom made SIG file types.

How are signature key disks priced?
Signatures key disks are priced by the signature files. The cost is $90 per signature for the “lock” on the file. Key disks are available in three media types.. You may choose to receive a floppy disk as a “Key” to a locked file at no extra charge (up to 3 per file). You may choose instead to have 1 CD as a “key” to a locked file at no extra charge. If you prefer to have a US B Key (memory stick) as the “Key” for a locked” file, then there is a $15 charge per USB disk. We supply the actual disk media in all cases.

How can I copy my signature key disk?
Our “Key” disks may not be copied using a traditional “disk copy” using Windows or DOS commands. There is a utility within the PrintBoss software that will allow authorized users the ability to duplicate the “key” disks.

When I copy my signature key disk, why isn’t the signature file also copied?
The duplication process is duplicating the “Key” that is encoded in the disk. The files themselves are locked and are not required to be on the key – they are typically kept in the PrntBoss\Logos folder. Remember, these files are locked and cannot be used unless the proper “key” is in the computer.
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