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Posts: 765
The content of the Work file and Archive file selection dialog now displays the file's date/time stamp and the file size and the column headers are clickable to change the sorted column and direction.

When displaying the Bank selection list, it will no longer show the next bank check number if the bank record has {BChkNo}, BBBBBBB or BBBBBBBB as the check number style.

If there are no records in the Bank List starting with "Unused BANK" in the bank code then PrintBoss will add 5 new blank bank records for Select and Enterprise editions of PrintBoss.

Two new variables, {EmailFromAddress} and {EmailFromName}, can now be queryied from the form

Fixing some of the Spanish translation issues in the WordAmnt function
Microsoft added a bug in a Windows update that will not allow for the use of the same printer handle for multiple copies that were sent to the same printer. The printer handle now has to be cleared so it will be recreated for each new copy. We changed PrintBoss to update the number of copies for the printer object so it would be forced to grab a new windows handle.

Info can be found at:
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