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Posts: 765
PrintBoss Software:

PrintBoss includes numerous features that protect you and your company from check fraud and security breaches. PrintBoss allows you to restrict access to design functions and printing options as well as providing several secure options for printing signatures and for creating positive pay information. The following is an overview of the wide variety of security features offered by PrintBoss.

Setting access to the PrintBoss application
• Control access through password and/or user disk
• Assign access according to individual user
• Set automatic login to match Windows username
• Assign different levels of access within PrintBoss to each user
• Restrict access to certain features within the program, such as:
- Opening workfiles
- Printing checks
- Accessing archives
- Editing forms
- Editing bank accounts
- Printing hand checks
- Changing configuration settings

Using graphic printing security features
• Print check amount with special security digits
• Create a security background behind numeric and/or alpha text objects and digital signatures
• Print Secure Seal on check to confirm payee, amount, check number and date
• Block out numeric text on copies
• Print security-protected electronic signature(s) using physical key and/or password
• Set archive printing so that, when using a .sig file, the digital signature cannot be printed from the archives

Wellspring Software Check Stock:

Checks printed through PrintBoss are even more secure when printed to Wellspring Software’s specially designed check stock. Our check stock is top-quality, 24-pound check stock carefully planned for safe, easy and secure check printing.

Check stock security features include
• Toner grip paper
• VOID pantograph
• Rainbow background
• Micro printing
• Watermark
• Endorsement box
• Fluorescent fibers
• Chemical detection
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