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Hi All,

I'm completely new to PrintBoss, and I've been asked to make two changes to the PrintBoss configuration. Since we don't have a test environment, the first thing I need to do is set one up.

I'd like to create the Test environment from our Production environment so I have all of the existing config in Test. Our installation is on a shared network drive. So far we've done the following:

1)Copied the entire PrintBoss folder to a completely different network drive than the drive that Prod runs from.

2)Logged into the application by clicking on the exe file in the Test copy, from a machine that has both the Prod drive and the Test drive mapped.
We logged in as admin. We didn't change anything - we just viewed some things.

We noticed that even though we were launching the program from the new Test folder, the application was updating the time stamp on files in the Prod folder. Specifically the BANKS.NSX file and the ReqList.DBF file.

Is it possible to create a Test environment by copying the Prod folder in this way? If so, how can I disconnect the Test copy from the Prod copy?

One more question - the first change I'm trying to test is adding a new Company to the config, and having the same signatures print for that company as for all the other companies we have configured. Someone here said that the guy who previously worked on PrintBoss used to manually change the config file instead of making a change like that through the interface. Is there any reason why he would have needed to do that?

Thanks in advance for any help,
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