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Posts: 765

Posts: 765
The following are included in the release of PrintBoss

Emailing Feature Change:

EMAILBODYFILE will now return the name of the email body file in the form

Below is an example of assigning EmailBody:

#Assigns EmailBody, ÷Bonjour,÷
#Assigns EmailBody, ÷ ÷
#Assigns EmailBody, ÷ s'il vous plaît veuillez trouver ci-joint votre relevé de compte.÷

Here is an assignment of EmailBodyFile:

#Assign EmailBodyFile, ÷C:\PrntBoss\Email\Body\EmailBodyInvoice.txt÷

Work File/Archive File View Screen Changes:

The Print button will now appear when viewing a Work File document
Show assigned fields on the "View Raw Capture" screen, the data is now defaulted to checked

New Security Features:

Added a BankLog to track who changed bank records and when. The feature is activated on the Options\Security\General Settings tab.
Edit Bank button now disables if the user doesn't have security to edit bank records
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