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Posts: 765
Options\Email Settings\Subject & Message BodyTab

Email Body/ Message – Enter the path and name of the file containing the body of the e-mail message.

It is common to use a standard message for all e-mails in a batch of documents as defined by this setting.

Click on the Folder button and enter a path and filename to change the location of the body text. Normally, the files are stored at {PBDir}\Email\Body\{WinUserName}-Body.txt.

The corresponding variable, EmailBody, will overwrite the default entry when it is assigned in the Form File

Example – the following assignment could be entered in RunTime Objects:
#Assign EmailBody, "Thank you for your order."
#Assigns EmailBody can also be used to assign multiple lines. A separate #Assigns is used for each line.
Use #Assigns EmailBody, “ “ to create a blank line between paragraphs.

The E-mail Body may be a text (.txt) or HTML file. Both file types can use the PrintBoss variable tags, such as {DocNo}, to dynamically update information for each e-mail when the documents are processed.

Text Editor – Click on this button to open a Notepad file to edit a .txt E-mail Body message. This button is only available when the E-mail Body/Message is a .txt file. Changes to the text file must be saved and will not show in the E-mail Body window until you click OK at the bottom of the E-mail Settings dialog or by pressing the Refresh button.

HTML Editor – Click this button to open your default HTML editor to edit an .htm or .html E-mail Body/Message. This button is only available when the Email Body/Message has an .htm or .html file extension. Typically the editor is Microsoft Word. Changes to the HTML file must be saved as a filtered web.

Click the information button for more details.
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Posts: 2
How do I properly assign statement for separating username conditional statements as in following:

#If {WinUserName}=user1
#Assign EmailBodyFile, ÷C:\PrntBoss\Email\user1_EFT.htm÷
#If {WinUserName}=user2
#Assign EmailBodyFile, ÷C:\PrntBoss\Email\user2_EFT.htm÷
#If {WinUserName}=user3
#Assign EmailBodyFile, ÷C:\PrntBoss\Email\user3_EFT.htm÷
#Assign EmailBodyFile, ÷C:\PrntBoss\Email\default_EFT.htm÷
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