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Posts: 11

is there a way I can add a carriage return in a variable set in a crystal report?
I want to build the EmailSubject in crystal but I want to add multiple lines.

The following is currently working (but there is is simple line)
"PB#Assign EmailSubject,Invoice "+{@PrintBossDocNo}+" from "+{ARRBC.NAME}

I tried something like this, but I only have the first line.
"PB#Assign EmailSubject,Invoice "+{@PrintBossDocNo}+" from "+{ARRBC.NAME} + Chr(13) + Chr (10) + "test"

I tried with Chr(10), Chr(13), \r\n,\0

Nothing is working. The only way I found was bay adding html tag in the string.

Is there a way to do this? Can the "Assigns" command be used in crystal report?

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