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Posts: 765
Note: and are combined in this release.
1. Added new PrintBoss Online Check Printing Services

Introducing PrintBoss Online Check Printing Services. This service can be an add-on to a new or existing PrintBoss installation. It allows Wellspring Software, Inc. to print and mail checks for you – anywhere via the US Postal Service. Checks are in a pressure seal format.
The service is enabled from a new menu item off of Options\PrintBoss Online Account Services. Enter User the required information and funds as indicated.

2. Added PDF file copy variables.

To answer a need for multiple PDF file copies in a single form, new functions have been added for PDF copies. If using these features the copies should be set to BATCH.
#[C,1]Assign PDFNewFileNameMode,0 | 0= Start of Batch, 1= Each new page, 2= Each new DocNo
#[C,1]Assign SendToWellspring,0 |0,N,F = Won't send, 1,Y,T = Will send
#[C,1]Assign PDFFileType,1 |0=PDF,1=TIFF,2=JPG,3=BMP

3. Added new variables to create dynamic document names for printing.

There is a new variable for inserting the form name into a document so now {DocName} will return the FormName.
{DocName} can be use in conjunction with another new variable, {PrntDocName}. When printing to a printer, the standard "PrintBoss Document: QBCHK_4" is entered as the document name. A variable has been added to customize the title. PrntDocName can be assigned a value and then used as the document name in the print queue.

#Assign PrntDocName,"PrintBoss Document: {DocName},{BChkNo},{docrecip}"

In order for this to work as described you will need to use a #FORCEWINPRINTJOB so that each document will have their own name.

4. Added
When generating PDF copies, you can open either Windows Explorer to the folder it was saved to or each PDF as they are generated

5. Added a button for easy renewal of Service Contracts.

PrintBoss will now verify the service contract date and if it is within a month of expiring or any time after the expiry date will display a button on the Master Application screen. The button will take users to www.WellspringSoftware.com to order a new service contract. This button will also appear in the About box in the upper right corner below the ‘Check for PrintBoss Updates Online’ button.

6. Changed the way passwords display.

PrintBoss would hide the password by default for the bank record, the user login dialog, the security login, email smtp/pop passwords and the FTP account password. Users can use the eyeball button on the right side of the field to display it as text verses the mask characters.

7. Changed the notification for accessing help files.

Notification about not being able to copy the help file to the local users My Documents folder no longer is a popup message and will appear in in the status bar. Note: that if the status bar is not visible they will not see said message.

8. Removed two features:
The PrintBoss Fax Service has been removed.
The PrintBoss PS16 file form has been removed.
edited by Nancy on 5/3/2018
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