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Posts: 765

Your Company Profile:

1. What Accounting Software is used?

2. How many users?

3. What laser printer will be used to print checks? Is MICR toner required by your bank?

4. What type of checks do you write: A/P, Payroll. Direct Deposit, Electronic Funds Transfer?

5. Are there other types of documents that will pass to PrintBoss to either print, email or Fax?

6. How many checks are written each month?

7. How many bank accounts are used?

8. How many entities/companies are involved?

Additional products available for use in conjunction with PrintBoss:

1. PrintBoss Annual Software Service Contract.
$100 retail with purchase of PrintBoss
$140 retail if purchased after 30 days of PrintBoss registration

2. Are additional Bank Keys needed? Each Bank Key includes 5 bank profiles. The cost is $75 per key.
PrintBoss Standard and PrintBoss Express initially install with 10 bank profiles.
PrintBoss Enterprise and PrintBoss Select install with an unlimited number of bank profiles.

3. Are secure digital signatures that will automatically print on checks required?
Are there established limits for the signatory(ies)?
An order form can be printed from our webpage: http://www.wellspringsoftware.com

4. Will a company logo(s) be inserted on the check? Logos must be in .bmp, .jpg, or .pcx format.
What's the name and location of the file?

5. Will the company want to coordinate check stock color with its corporate brand?
Check color samples are available from our webpage: http://www.wellspringsoftware.com

6. Is the Standard Check Format (bottom of the page) acceptable to the company?

PrintBoss Expess reformats the Accounting System output to print the checks at the bottom of the page.

PrintBoss Standard also reformats the Accounting System output to print the checks at the bottom of the page. However, with PrintBoss Standard a custom PrintBoss form must be created for top or middle checks. A price quotation for a custom PrintBoss form can be provided at no cost. Please contact us for details. Ongoing technical support for custom forms will be billed per incident.

PrintBoss Select and PrintBoss Enterprise will reformat the Accounting System output to print top, middle or bottom checks interchangeably by company choice.

(Note: Banks often prefer checks at the bottom sign the MICR line is located near a smooth paper edge instead of a perforated edge.)

7. Is the company interested in setting up PrintBoss security? What features are of interest?

8. Does the company want to use Positive Pay for security or ACH alternative payment features?

Please feel free to contact us with additional questions: 800-600-6881.
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