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Posts: 765
PrintBoss has been posted.
A summary of the additions, changes and fixes follow.


Added drive letter parameters to FileExists function. #[fileexists,'\sig1.jpg','cflhQ']Text 1.5, 1.5, 'Arial/7', 'Found It!'
It will return true if the file exists on one of the passed drive letters.
It won't tell you which drive, just that it exists.

Added a FileLocation function.
After the : you put in the path less the drive letter and colon.
It will search the drive letters that you pass and stops after the first find.
If you have the same file on D: and F: it will return the D:\sig1.jpg file as passed using the above line
NOTE: Disk I/O functionality is time intensive and if you have a number of signatures to test the batch will take longer.

Added CHRCount function:
{CHRCOUNT:÷{mystr}÷,','} or {CHRCOUNT:'one|two|three|four|','|'}
Will count the number of a specified character in the string.
This can be useful for determining how many entries are in a comma delimited string.

Added an expiration warning for ASP licenses which appears two weeks before the expiration date.

Added drag-n-drop of PNG and JPEG images.

The MICR routing number in the Bank Record now has a minimum character count of 9 characters.

A new Tech Support favorite – there is a menu item for starting a Support Ticket from PrintBoss\Help.


Changed the ACH tab in the Bank Record so users cannot manually type in the Payee list field.

Changed the length of the {WinUserName} field. It is now 30 characters like the {UserName} field is. Also changed it to {TUserName}.

Changed the FTP process such that the .upl file is always saved so that the file can be manually sent at a later time.
Changed the FTP array to str25 instead of str20 because the edit fields and db field is 25.

Finally, there is a fix in the processing of the BatchCount function in ACH. Previously, in a Payee record if Account1 was set to inactive but Account2 was still set to an active status it would run but the BatchCount would be wrong. A change was made so that you cannot click OK to save a payee record if a previous account is inactive while a later account is active.
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