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Posts: 765
A new feature has been added to PrintBoss Enterprise: WorkFlow.

WorkFlow assigns users to review checks prior to printing. Checks are batch printed to PrintBoss as usual, then PrintBoss parses the batch to users for review and approval prior to printing. WorkFlow can be as simple as having one staff user approve or decline a check prior to passing the batch to another user's PrintBoss Work file for printing.

To give an idea of how WorkFlow is scripted, here is an example:
#AssignWorkflow WorkFlow, ">CEO,Bill,Kathy,Acctg",

This WorkFlow will put the document in the first staff user's Work\CEO folder. Then as each subsequent user approves the check it will move to the next user in line, Bill, then Kathy, then Acctg. Your WorkFlow script will be customized to your User Accounts.

You can build a more complex WorkFlow to parse the batch of checks by a variable range for review and approval prior to printing. For example, WorkFlow can be set up to send checks >$100.00, >$500.00 and >$1,000.00 to different staff users for approval and printing. Checks take different paths based on the amount of the check. Script in the Footer Objects tab creates variables and IF statements are assigned the appropriate workflow path.

Approved checks are printed by the last staff user in the WorkFlow. Declined checks are manually deleted or over-written by the next batch. Declined checks are manually VOIDED in the accounting software by accounting staff. A list of the declined checks can be created and printed for reference.

In order to alert each user that there are checks ready for their approval, PrintBoss uses a Tray Utility.

The PrintBoss Tray Utility has several useful features:
  • It monitors a user's Work file to alert the user when a batch is ready for approval.
  • Click on the File menu and select ‘Launch PrintBoss’ or use the button on the front of the utility.
  • Click on the Edit menu to select Configuration. The ‘Scan Interval’ is set in minutes. A ‘Reminder’ can be set in minutes as well.
  • Verify the ‘Run PrintBoss Tray Utility on Windows startup’ is selected. You may want to remove this checkbox if you will be out of the office.
Please note that the use of WorkFlow requires PrintBoss Security be enabled and Advanced User Rights be setup for each staff user.
WorkFlow is documented in the PrintBoss Manual. Setting up WorkFlow is not covered under the standard PrintBoss Software Support Contract. For assistance with setting up WorkFlow, you can contract for dedicated time with PrintBoss Technical Support Staff.
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