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Posts: 765
Changed the way the bank select list is filled and sorted so each user's list will appear as they so choose.

Added a #Sort variable to the form macro language. This will sort multiple columns of data as one row across the columns.

Data that is pulled in during the sort will be trimmed when it is finished with the sort. For example:
#Sort 'SaleDate,Vin,Stock,Customer,NetAmntPd',Ascending,Date,20

a. The initial fields are the columns that you wish to sort. The columns can be in any order but it performs the sort on whatever the first field listed.

b. It is important to note that all data across the columns must line up. If a particular row in a column does not have any data it will throw the sort out.

c. The sort order, can be Ascending or Descending

d. The data type to sort values can be T=Text, N=Numeric and D=Date

e. In the example above 20 is the padding that should prepend the value with with spaces, essentially right aligning the text in the field. So this '23456952147' becomes this ' 23456952147' but only for sorting purposes, the underlying data does not change other than what is noted above.

Added the #Assign/#Assigns statements display in the right click popup menu in the Form Editor so that users can find the variables on the form faster. In the "run time" and other editor tabs you will see a "Find Assignments" menu that will show Assign/Assigns variables that exist in that editor.
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