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Posts: 765
Create A Check Users can easily export their bank data by doing the following steps:
1. Log into Create-A-Check
2. Click on “reports” across the top menu
3. Move to the “Account list” Tab
4. Click EXPORT to file and it will save it as a .CSV

Once you have the data, you can organize it to the PrintBoss standard bank profile by following this instructions in this document:
1. Log into PrintBoss as Supervisor (you will need the PrintBoss Master Password).
2. Go to Edit, Bank List. and Export a blank Bank template file in .csv format
2. Organize your bank data to match the PrintBoss fields
3. Import your data into PrintBoss.

Export Sample Bank List
1. Open the PrintBoss Master Application window.
2. Login as Administrator.
a. Click on the File menu and choose User Log-In.
b. Enter the supervisor name and password. The defaults are:
c. Click OK to continue.
3. Click on the Edit menu and select Bank List.
4. Hold down the Shift or Ctrl key to select a range of bank records.
a. Shift allows you to select contiguous records.
b. Ctrl allows you to select non-contiguous records.
5. Right-click on the selected records and choose Export.
6. Click Yes to continue.
7. Enter a name and destination for the file.
8. Click Save.
Import Bank List
PrintBoss can import an Excel file saved as a *.csv file.
1. Open Excel.
2. Enter the column labels in Row 1.
a. The labels need to exactly match the name and order of the PrintBoss bank list.
b. You do not need to enter labels for columns if you don't have data. PrintBoss will enter default values automatically.
3. Enter or import the Bank Records by row.
a. Do not leave blank rows.
b. You cannot import more bank records than licensed in PrintBoss.
4. Save Excel as a *.csv file.
5. Open PrintBoss.
6. Login as Administrator.
a. Click on the File menu and choose User Log-In.
b. Enter Supervisor as the user name and enter the master password.
7. Click on the Edit menu and select Bank List.
8. Click on the Tools button to the left of the Bank Code label.
9. Select Import.
10. Navigate to the location of the *.csv file.
11. Select the *.csv file.
12. Click Open.
PrintBoss will populate the Bank List with this data.
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