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Posts: 765
Documents can be temporarily stored in the PrintBoss Work File, depending on the Auto-Archive setting selected on the Settings tab of the Form Editor. These documents may be Printed, Browsed, Archived, Indexed, or printed in a Report list. And there is now a new catagory of Hold Record. Use this option to temporarily suspend printing for specific records during a review process while printing the remainder of the batch.

1. Open the PrintBoss Master Application.
2. Click on the File menu and select Open Document Work Files.
3. Select a form from the list and choose BROWSE from the buttons on the right side of the window.
4. Right-click on a document in the list to view choices:

VIEW – View the selected document(s)
PRINT – Print the selected document(s)
EDIT – Open the Work File Edit window
HOLD RECORD – moves selected document(s) to a new work file with the same name and appended with ‘- HOLD’.
DELETE – Delete the selected document(s)
EDIT FORM – This is a shortcut to open the Form Editor

Documents moved to the HOLD status do not print with the remaining records in the Work file, they can be manually printed individually or in a batch at a later time.
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