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Posts: 765
There are three ways for Accpac to give instructions to PrintBoss.
1. PrintBoss Trigger
The PB trigger is designed to communicate specific data elements to PrintBoss. In the most current versions of PrintBoss there are seven specific data elements. They are:

1. Form
2. Bank
3. Document Number
4. Document Amount
5. Document Recipient
6. Miscellaneous1
7. Miscellaneous2

When PrintBoss processes the trigger it recognizes and uses the data elements in the trigger as the above variables in the order received, i.e. form is always first, bank is always second, etc. You cannot add additional elements to the PB trigger. To get around that there are two additional ways to communicate data to PB.

2. PB#Assign
PrintBoss command lines (#Assign) can be added to the header of your document. Just like the Print Boss trigger, these two lines will be evaluated by PrintBoss as it processes, and then strip them from the report so that they are not visible on the printed document. These commands will assign specific data to variables without having to first place the data on the Crystal report, capture it and then assign it to a variable. You can have multiple PB#Assign commands on your Crystal report.

3. Capture/Assign
In this method PrintBoss takes data printed on your Crystal report and based on its coordinates, assigns a variable for use on the PrintBoss printed page.

You must use the specific variable name if you want to use the standard PrintBoss variables. For example, {DocAmnt}, {DocNo}, {DocMisc}. A list of the standard variables available for a form can be viewed while editing the form. Open PrintBoss. Go to Edit, Form Files, View, then right click and choose Display Assignments.

Please see the document 'Capturing and Assigning Text' on our website for additional information. Here's a link:
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