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email submissions
Posts: 173
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 2:15 PM
Subject: Adding Checkbook ID to Payroll Form
I have attached below the steps to add a checkbook ID to the payroll form. Once captured and assigned, the checkbook ID and the company name are used to identify a bank rather than choosing the bank from a pop-up window.

1. Go into Report Writer and open the check. In the Report Definition window click on Tables.
2. Highlight Payroll Address Master and click on Remove. We will be adding this back later. The fields on the report from this table will not be affected.
3. Highlight Payroll Master
a. Click on New.
4. Highlight Payroll Address Master
a. Click on Open.
5. Click on Relationships in the Table Definition window.
6. Click on New in the Table Relationship window.
7. Click on the Ellipse button next to Secondary Table.
8. Highlight Payroll Work Header
a. Click OK.
9. Bring up UPR_WORK_HDR_Key3 as the Secondary Table Key.
10. Bring up Employee ID in the drop down under Primary Table.
a. Click on OK.
11. Exit out of the Table Relationship window and click OK on the Table Definition window.
12. Highlight Payroll Address Master in the Related Tables window if it isn't already highlighted. Click on OK.
13. Highlight Payroll Address Master in the Report Table Relationships window
a. Click on New.
14. Highlight Payroll Work Header, (you may see this table listed twice which is fine)
a. Click OK.
15. Click Close on the Report Table Relationships window.
16. Click Layout in the Report Definition window.
17. Pull up Payroll Work Header in the Toolbox drop down.
18. Highlight Checkbook ID and drag it onto the desired spot in the report layout.
19. Exit out of the layout
a. Click on the Restrictions button in the Report Definition window.
20. Click New.
21. Name the Restriction "test"
22. Bring up Payroll Work Header as the Report Table and Federal Wages/Pay Run in the Table Fields.
a. Click on Add Field.
23. Click on the '=' Operator.
24. Click on Add Field again. The expression should look like this:
UPR_WORK_HDR Federal Wages/Pay Run = UPR_WORK_HDR Federal Wages/Pay Run
25. Click OK, exit out of the Report Restrictions window
a. Click OK on the Report Definition window.
26. Go to File | Microsoft Dynamics GP.
27. Grant security to the modified report.
a. Go to Tools | Setup | System | User Security
b. Select the User
c. Select the Company
d. Drill back on the Alternate Modified Forms and Reports link at the bottom of the window
e. Select Microsoft Dynamics GP as the Product
f. Select Reports as the Type
g. Expand Payroll
h. Expand Employee Checks Stub on Top-D and ensure that Microsoft Dynamics GP (Modified) is marked
i. Click Save and print the check to the screen.
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