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Posts: 765
• PrintBoss has been updated to include more secure communications functions. These include the ability to use Google Mail and File Transport Protocol (FTP).

The setup for Google mail is on the Options/Email/Settings/SMTP/Mail Hosts tab. Set the host/domain to smtp.gmail.com PrintBoss will connect the handler to the smpt component to send the email. You can find the TechNote on our website, under Support\Support Documents: Setting up Gmail for Email.

The FTP (File Transport Protocol) feature is used to securely transmit files. There are three parts to the function; a tab in the Bank List editor, an FTP Uploader Utility, and an FTP Accounts list. This feature is included only in the Enterprise edition of PrintBoss. You can find the TechNote on our website, under Support\Support Documents: FTP Setup

• Updated PrintBoss Forms include script for the align address feature introduced with PrintBoss version 5.73.6 on the Bank Edit screen. This option will align the address Below the logo or to the Right of the logo.

• A fix was made to the Information Box at the bottom of the Work file select dialog to now show the status of all the copies.

• A fix was made so that the Block Mirror section of a check form will correctly display accents.

• More flyover hints and updated Help files are also included. Please note updating the PrintBoss Help files is a separate process. If you would like updated Help Files, go to www.wellspringsoftware.com. Then Support, Downloads. Follow the instructions for downloading PB32.chm

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