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Posts: 765
Common errors that may occur when printing an ACH file.

Unable to Open the Positive Pay File
This error occurs when the Positive Pay File is not assigned in the form or the setting was not saved in the form. One solution is to embed the ACH file in the form.

No Detail Records in the Output

The detail or “6” records are created during the printing of the check batch to PrintBoss. The following could cause some or all of the detail records to be skipped:
· Payee List not active on the ACH Definition tab of the bank record.
· No Payee List assigned on the ACH Definition tab of the bank record.
· No matching record in the Payee List. PrintBoss looks for an exact match of the data stored in the Payee List field with the data assigned in the PrintBoss Form to the {DocRecip} variable.
· The matching Payee record on the Payee List is not set to Active or True.
· The Mode on the Payee List is not set to Remainder of check. Percent or Set Amount may also be used if a corresponding value less than 100% of the check amount is entered in the Amount / Percent field for the appropriate account on the Payee List.

Bank Requires a Balancing Entry

Occasionally a bank requires an offsetting debit or credit entry that results in a value of zero when all the 6 records are totaled. Select the Balanced File check box on the ACH Definition tab of the PrintBoss bank record and fill in the 3 fields in the Balanced File column prior to printing the check batch. PrintBoss will automatically create the offsetting “6” entry at the end of the detail section of the ACH file.

Exception for Length of Immediate Origin

On rare occasion, a bank may require 10 digits for the Immediate Origin number instead of the 9 prescribed by NACHA. The solution is to replace the space preceding the string on line 6 of the SignOn tab with the extra first digit. This should only be done with the assistance of a Wellspring Software technician.

Bank Fails ACH File

Typically a failure is caused by incorrectly entering a value in the ACH Definition tab. Examples include:
· Incorrect Immediate Destination number
· Incorrect Immediate Origin number
· Failure to remove checkmark from Pre-Note option of bank does not use the Pre-Note option
· Incorrect Company Identification
· Incorrect Originating DFI Identification
Other causes include:
· Failure to remove checkmark from Pre-Note option on the Payee List
· In versions of PrintBoss prior to 5.70, the file creation time may not be properly padded. The result is creation times earlier than 10:00 a.m. appear as 3 digit entries instead of 4. The entry on line 8 of the SignOn tab should be: "{Pad:«{RecTime:hhmm}»,4,T,'0'}" to always display a 4 digit number.
· Versions of PrintBoss prior to 5.70 may not calculate the ACHBatchHash or ACHFileHash correctly. These values can be found on record “8” of the ACH output file starting at position 11 for 10 characters and record “9” starting at position 22 for 10 characters, respectively. These values should match when there is only 1 batch in the file.
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