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Error verifying PB version

I want to upgrade my PB version but I cannot even see the license and version validation page.
I ran PB32.Exe O:\PrntBoss\pb32.exe. However, it says that the program doesn't exists.
I have attached the message.
New Product: PrintBoss Online (PBO)

Is this software only for QuickBooks online or it would work for other cloud solutions?
Back Page Printing on 1st page only

Nancy wrote:
If someone wants to conditionally turn duplexing on or off on a per copy basis, this is how you can do it.

In this example, Copy 0 (Original) will be a printed copy, and Copy 1 will be a PDF File. If the client wants the printed copy to print duplexed, but does NOT want the PDF file to print duplex (which typically results in extraneous or blank pages), this can be done with the following code in the Footer Objects:

#If [C,1]
#Assign DuplexOn, 'N'
#Assign DuplexOn, 'Y'



This last line is not a typo; there is no # sign in front of the line, because it's not a typical PB command, but it does have the effect of setting the DuplexEnabled variable on a per copy basis, which cannot be done by normal means. Simply assigning the DuplexEnabled variable in PB to Y or N with a copy condition will not have the intended effect.


#[C,1]Assign DuplexEnabled, 'N' | Does not work

This script works with Copy 1 or else, will it work also if you condition the page number so a PDF file will have Page 1, back of page 1, page 2, page 3, etc?

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