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Posts: 24
At times, users of PrintBoss may wish to display multiple lines of text on a form. There are typically two steps to this process. First, the assignment must be made for what to display, and then a #VText command is used to actually display it.


#Assigns LinesOfText, “Line 1”
#Assigns LinesOfText, “Line 2”
#Assigns LinesOfText, “Line 3”

Note that the same variable name is used on each successive line.

To display these lines in a readable format, use the #VText command as follows:

#VText 1, 1.5, Arial/12, 0.167, ÷{LinesOfText}÷

This tells the output to start at 1 inch from the left, 1.5 inches down the page, using 12-point Arial font, with a spacing of 0.167 inches between the lines. These can all be adjusted as necessary.

Usually this is sufficient to print the desired data, but at a certain volume, eventually the #VText command will not be sufficient because the character limit for a single command will be exceeded. When this happens, you will notice the data suddenly stop printing at a certain point. In these cases, there is an alternate method to output the data. The assignment process is the same, but instead of using one #VText command, we will use a #For command to loop through all of the applicable lines.

To do this, use the following sample code.

#Text 1, 1.5, ‘Arial/12’, {LinesOfText[1]}
#For N = 2 to {LinesOfText[0]}
#Text {LastLineX}, {LastLineYEnd+.02}, ‘Arial/12’, ÷{LinesOfText[{N}]}÷
#Next N

In basic terms, the first #Text command prints the first line of the assigned text and sets the baseline for the placement of the subsequent lines. Then a loop begins starting at the 2nd item and proceeding to the last item in the list. The #Text command then prints the appropriate line for each of the items in the list and stops when the final one is reached.

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