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Importing Bank Records: BANKMICR field problems


I am currently evaluating the software for our accounting firm. We have about 200 bank accounts to import into PrintBoss and I have successfully been able to do such except for the account numbers and routing numbers.

That data is stored in the BANKMICR field but seems to be encoded.

If I export the default bank records (Unused BANK001, Unused BANK002, Unused BANK003, ...) then the result CSV file has the following entry for the BANKMICR field for all of those default records:
/BBBBBB/ [000000000[ 123-456/

I understand the formatting is:
/CheckNumber /[RoutingNumber[ AccountNumber/

However, when I replace the digits above with digits accurately representing a bank account number and routing number, they fail to import.

I then tried manually putting the routing number and account number into the MICR tab of the PrintBoss Bank Edit window and then exported the resulting bank record. I can see in the exported CSV file that the BANKMICR data seems to now be encoded.

I cannot find the the encoding standards and it is not practical for us to manually enter the banking information.

Could someone help me understand how to code the bank account and routing numbers in a CSV file so it can then be imported? Is that possible?

Thank you.

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