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Posts: 741

Posts: 741
The latest releases of PrintBoss include the following changes:

Outlook Profile
Previously, Outlook profile options were not updated as an email was going out. To fix this a new variable {EMailProfile} was added.

ACH Improvements
The Pre-Note override was updated to function correctly. And, the way ACH amounts are divided between the three possible payee accounts was corrected.
Previously, if the amount requested for an ACH deposit was more than the amount available PrintBoss credited the next account. This has been corrected such that only the amount available is used. If all of the allotted dollars are used, then subsequent account values are now 0.

Corrected the way {ACHBlockCount} is inserted into the ACH file.

Corrected the way Batch Count is incremented when there are split payments in the ACH record details. If the mode>0 it will increment the counter.

PrintBoss Select for QuickBooks Users
A Pressure Sealed check format has been added to the Special Controls tab on the PrintBoss Configuration Dialog box. If an invalid check is selected the OK button is disabled until a valid check is selected. Please note that the custom PrintBoss Pressure Sealed Check form must be purchased for the option to be valid.
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