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email submissions
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email submissions
Posts: 173
Sent: Friday, November 3, 2017 9:23 AM
To: Paula Manker <paulamanker@wellspringsoftware.com>; Wellspring Support <support@wellspringsoftware.com>

Hi , I’m about to update one our mutual client to Sage V2017.
One of my collegues told me he ran into issues last week (see his email at the bottom of this email) when he did the same process and updated the PrintBoss to the most current version.
My client is running Office 2010 and not Office2013. Do you know if we have a chance to face the same issues when updating to the most current version of PB?
If so, can you send me the prior version of PrintBoss (one version back from the most current version)? I was told that « older version » didn’t have an issue with the MAPI like the most current one.
Thanks you for your time.
edited by paula on 11/3/2017
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