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Posts: 741
The following summarizes recent changes to PrintBoss:

French translation is now available for the numbers and words used in SecureText option.

‘Condition 5’ has been added to the criteria list of Form\Bank Request List entries.

An ‘Edit PayeeList’ security option has been added in the Security dialog.

The default for the 'DocRecipLen' field on the Options\Configuration\Internal tab is now set the default of 60 characters. This is the maximum length for the {DocRecip} variable.

The MICR Adjust Wizard has been modified. The second tab, "Method uses pre-printed Routing Mark" is no longer available.

A new ‘Register Now!’ menu option appears in the menu bar only if the serial number indicates a Demonstration Copy. Please note the user must have a valid PrintBoss serial number and registration code in hand to actually register PrintBoss. You cannot purchase PrintBoss from the ‘Register Now!’ button at this time.
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