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Posts: 741

Posts: 741
New Features:
1. There are now 60 characters for "Miscellaneous" field in the Payee List record.
2. A new Void-Check Option for Handchecks can be used to send a series of checks to a bank for verification of the MICR line.
3. Variables can be used for Log Files names with any version of PrintBoss.
4. The Log File now includes a "Security Log" option.
5. The WordAmnt function can be translated into French values.
6. The Security and Login dialog displays a CAPS ON message so users will know that the caps lock key is on.
7. The Security and Login dialogs are case-sensitive.
8. A new warning displays when text entered into the advice memo in the HandCheck dialog is over 90 characters wide. It appears to let the user know the text is wider than the check as the text does not wrap.
9. A new AP form is available for Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2013
10. New AP and Payroll forms are available for Sage 50 Canadian 2012
1. A change was made to the Starting Check Number prompt. The check number can still be modified if necessary, but now the only option is OK to continue.
2. Transfer files that are over 4.2gig in size can now be read. Previously they were limited to under 4.2gig.
1. Updating the 'next check no' field in the Edit tab of the Bank Profile record will now also update the MICR line that is displayed on the MICR tab.
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