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email submissions
Posts: 173

email submissions
Posts: 173
Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 6:20 PM
To: Paula Manker (paula@wellspringsoftware.com)
Subject: Help - PrintBoss emailing

Hello Paula, Do you any idea why "EmailFromAddress" and "EmailFromName" cannot be overridden when processing PrintBoss emails using MS-Outlook? I try changing E-Mail Settings in PrintBoss but unsuccessful. What am I missing?

Sample codes below:
#Assign EmailTo, {DocMisc2}
#Assign EmailFromAddress, "petertest@telus.net" - object to override "ptest@wellspringsoftware.com" attached email.
#Assign EamilFromName, "Peter TEST" - object to override "Peter Smith" attached email.
#Assign EmailPDFPassWord, {password}
#Assign EmailSubject, "{CoName} - Payroll Advice"
#Assign EmailBodyFile, "C:\PrntBoss\EMail\Body\Sample PayAdvice.txt"
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