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Posts: 741
The latest release of PrintBoss includes the following changes:

New Print Preview Option

Found on the Print Copies Dialog box, there is a new button available to Preview documents before printing. The Preview option creates a TIFF file in the Printboss folder and it is deleted when the Preview is closed.

New Positive Pay variables

By request, a {BatchCount} variable was developed to use in the PrintBoss Positive Pay Header record. The batch count will be updated as a final step to processing. Please note, this feature only works for single Positive Pay runs and not for appended files.

Also by request, a {PosPayLineCount} was developed to use with Positive Pay feature.

New Batch Printing Control option

A new 'Special Handling' control option was added to PrintBoss forms which will ensure that all copies of a batch of documents will be sent as a single print job. This will prevent the rare occasion of one print job interrupting or slipping in between copy types when printing to a network printer.

ACH Payee List Management

The Payee List Editor screen has been redesigned for easier data input.

New/Updated Icons

Newer XP style images have replaced several icons and bitmap files within the program.
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