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Posts: 741
The ACH file created by PrintBoss is compiled from data stored in the ACH Definition section of the Bank Account record, a Payee List, and the check/EFT batch being processed. Complex scripting attached to the PrintBoss check form creates the file. A user will almost never need to edit the script. Instead they will simply enter specific information which will be used in the ACH File Header Record, the ACH Company/Batch Record and the PrintBoss Payee List. The rest of the required information will come from the check/EFT batch as it is processed.

Implementation Steps

1. Complete the ACH Definition record from the appropriate Bank Account
2. Create a Payee List
3. Establish the method you want to use to match the Payee with the Payee entry on the list
4. Create the ACH copy type in the appropriate PrintBoss Form
5. The ACH file is created automatically during the print process.

To read more, go to: ACH Implementation Steps
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